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Messages from God is a full color five-week devotional which uses words and images to draw the reader closer to God. The text is written in the voice of Jesus, much like Sarah Young’s beloved devotional Jesus Calling. Each week is a step on a journey that begins with the concerns of managing day-to-day life, and ends with a transcendent vision of heaven. Organized into five sections - Daily Life, Experiencing God, Living in a Broken World, God Transforms Us, and Heading for Heaven - Messages from God ministers through both language and visual art, and includes quotations drawn from a variety of Christians, from the ancient to the modern world.

Inspired by the illuminated manuscripts of the medieval church, this 21st century work seeks to connect readers to a timeless God.

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My kingdom expands the deeper you travel. You moved in deep, and expected to find eventually a sheltered and safe haven, a fireside to rest beside. Instead, My kingdom has open vistas, wide horizons, untamed wild and lovely places, where humans rarely venture. Sometimes I walk alone there, but I hope to draw some of My dear ones in. My Kingdom is the opposite of the natural world: the largest spaces are in the center. The further into Me you travel, the larger My kingdom becomes. The whole tree really is inside a seed. In the case of My kingdom, a whole forest, a whole world.

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