In the Waiting

Post by Therese Kay

I wrote a passage in my prayer journal on Holy Saturday - the day between Good Friday and Easter.  There are times in life when we lose hope, when we don’t understand what is happening and why. We don’t know the end of the story. We don’t know that this is just a tragic, confusing event in the middle of a story of hope, redemption, resurrection, and new life.


As you struggle through whatever circumstances you are in today, I hope you remember that it is not the end of the story:

“Today is Holy Saturday.  The day between. Jesus, the Messiah, is dead.  His followers are distraught not knowing what is happening, fearing their future, having built their lives around something and Someone that now appears dead.  Their hopes and dreams gone, shattered. Their confusion and grief; their fear of persecution from both the Romans and their fellow Jews causes then to scatter.  

This is when the seed falls to the earth and dies. Hopes and dreams dead. The time of unknowing. The time when we can only cling to life by simply breathing. In. Out.  That’s it. That’s all we can do. But what we don’t know, what we can’t see, is the miracle. In death there is life. In perishing, there is growth, In the darkness, there is light.  This is the time when the great battles are being fought against death and sin. That time of darkness, despair, confusion, and agony springs into new life the next day. Suddenly, there is unexpected life and all of Heaven rejoices.  Just wait. Just breathe. Life is coming and coming abundantly.”