Will You Be a Donkey Too?

Post by Therese Kay

Donkeys.  There are a few donkeys that always come to mind when I think of donkeys.  Both fictional.  There's the one nearly everyone knows, Eeyore from Winnie-the-Pooh.  The grumpiest donkey that everyone loves.  Then there's the donkey from the movie "Shrek" who makes everyone laugh.  Then there's Esmerelda.  Esmerelda was the nearly life-size donkey that lived in a closet at our church and visited every year the first Sunday after Easter.  Her job was to collect the mite boxes from the Sunday school kids.  All of us loved Esmerelda.  Her mysteriously miked-in voice explained how the money saved in our mite boxes would help other children by funding mission work halfway across the globe.

But most donkeys aren't so fondly thought of.  They are generally work creatures that are humbled and mocked, beaten for being “stubborn,” and forced to carry burdens, but loyal to their masters.

Throughout history they carried kings, profits, and even a Messiah.

Tradition says a donkey bore Mary and her unborn baby Jesus to Bethlehem where He was to be born.  This same donkey would have witnessed angels coming down to meet this newborn king.

Palm Sunday Donkey.gif

Another donkey bore Jesus to Jerusalem. A donkey and her colt summoned by the King, untied and brought forth by His disciples.  The colt, never having been ridden before, was now to bear the Messiah to His death instead of his birth. (Mark 11:1-6)

Donkey - bearer of burdens, kings, prophets, and Messiahs.  

Like the donkey, not all the burdens we are made to carry will be pleasant and light. We may be mocked or beaten, like Balaam’s donkey. (Numbers 22:21-39) We may be asked to do what we’ve never done before, like the colt that carried Jesus. (Mark 11:1-6) We may have to be untied and set free before we can accomplish our task. But we will serve our master, plow the field, bear the burden, carry the King?  If asked to speak, will you speak the words God puts in your mouth like Balaam’s donkey did?

Will you witness and bear the burden of truth in humility? Will you go all the way with Jesus for all to see, like the donkey that carried him through Jerusalem? Will you go where He leads even if the way seems too hard, nigh impossible, like the road to the crucifiction?

Come, be donkeys with us!  Let yourself be untied to serve and carry the King this Easter and beyond!