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Kathleen Schwab (west coast) and Therese Kay (east coast) are old friends and alumnae of Smith College.

Back in the day, they attended the same church.  

Now, on opposite coasts, they joined their creative forces of writing and photography to create Messages from God: An Illuminated Devotional.


Kathleen Schwab is a lifelong pursuer of God, a writer and literature teacher, and a wife and mother. She earned a BA in English Literature in 1989, and a Masters in Teaching in 1990, both from Smith College in Massachusetts. She went on to travel all over the United States, teaching in high school and junior colleges, and working from time to time as a midwife’s assistant and office manager. After the onset of chronic illness ended her active lifestyle, she decided to start a home based business. These days, she teaches small English classes for homeschool students around her dining room table, and works on writing projects. She gets by with the love and support of her church, which meets weekly in a front yard. She enjoys 19th century novels, all things medieval, and time with her seven companion birds.


Therese Kay is a photographer, writer, and lover of God. Her view towards photography is one of awe and gratitude.  She recognizes that seeing the beauty of a shadow or the elegance of a tree is ultimately an expression of worship of the One who created them for our delight.  She sees her photography as a way to share that beauty, awe, and gratitude with others.  She hopes that her photography both delights the heart and eye of the viewer and creates a longing in their spirit and soul to seek the Creator even more.

Therese is primarily self taught as a photographer but could not have started without the help of the Greater Lynn Photographic Association, known for their teaching skills.  A graduate of Smith College and Columbia University, she resides in Lynn, Massachusetts with her family and feline assistant.  When not out taking pictures, you can often find her at her computer writing or editing photos with a cup of tea and cat by her side.  You can swing by to say hello at her blog, www.theresekay.com or check out more of her photography at www.theresekayphotography.com.

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